A Journey Toward Christ-likeness


Homeless one.  I see you. Why do you wander like I used to? Greed and idolaters.  Why do you seek earthly treasures…that as you chase them…they elude you? Addiction.  Why do you find her?  What shame has made sin have such power? Innocence.  Why have you robbed her?  Left empty, useless, fleeting power. Dwindling strength……Where is your […]

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RADICAL & The Stranger With Dark Skin & A Slanted Nose


We enter our friends 5200 square foot house. Take off our shoes.  And spy him on a stool.  Unassuming. Not standing front and center. Or loudly declaring his convictions. Just silent. On a stool. Yet, instantly, he stands out. Dark skin. Nose bent. This ex-Muslim, in our midst. And, we all stand back. Waiting for words […]

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When Deaf Ears Listen Best – And 5 Minutes with God.


My daughter is deaf.  She came to us at three months old. Unable to hear in her right ear. Intermittent loss in her left ear also. Unilateral hearing loss primarily effects her ability to detect and locate sound. It hinders her from hearing other’s speak…..especially when there is any type of background noise. Due to this […]

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Do You Know Who You Are? Really?


Walking out the door as a child, my mom would always shout out from the front porch steps, “Remember who you are!” And as a teen, I drove away speedily….from both my mom…and that question. Yet, I could still hear her voice long in the distance…..“Remember who you are.”   And to be frank. I had no idea […]

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