I’m Kind of Weird Like That! Easter. Jesus. And A Broken Book.


Some people think it strange.  Many have no problem with it.  But for some reason, I just can’t do it. I just love constantly filling my brain.  And I guess my logic stems from…. If it’s been inputted in my brain….and if I need previously learned information…..it will resurface it in my mind, when applicable. So […]

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Is It Really That Simple To “Just Forgive”?


I feel it rise…like a tide overwhelming.  Words said, by others.  Contradictions. False pretenses.  Untruth.  Deception. Offense within. Rising like a wave to crush. Down deep.  Stirring.  Gripping. Shaking.  Pain.  Anger. Everything prior settled.  Still.  Peaceful.  Yet, pride ever seeking to bubble out….from past hurts. Broken People. Digging up this graveyard long burried. Tempting us….to grab […]

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When You Air Your Dirty Laundry For All To See


“How are you?”  I hear with unsympathetic contempt.  From the one with twisted intent. Those that you try to run from when church service is over. You know them? And tight grips that once kept my life circumstances from slipping through gossiping lips……does not work anymore. Palms are open.  My story is out there for all to see. […]

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The Hippie In The Grocery Store


Drudging through the grocery store with kids. All wanting to be anywhere but here. And I search for spices that revive my spirit.  Amongst the chaos of it all. Needing tranquility to awaken my senses.  In this deadness of winter. And I see him.  A tall, type.  Hippy fellow. And he looks quite like me.  Hungry […]

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