What if?


Faith.  The faith fight.  The topic of my life.  Yet, faith is believing in something we can’t see. But, what if…. What we see….with spiritual eyes….has. Is. Has always been….more real than what we see with the flesh? What if the temporal is more like a box we’re trapped in? …..And we mourn for and ache […]

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Walking On Water When The Storms of Life Surround You


In the quiet.  Out here.  Where nothing can be heard.  But the downpour of the fallen. The crackling and bolt of pain found deep in the storm now. And I close my eyes to see His face.  For the tranquil waters of yesterdays have passed……And no open sky lies before me.  Only clouds.  Clouds of my […]

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When God Calls


I wake to the  moon that just sung you goodnight.  Recalling the bundle that I once held in my arms. And how lassos and wishes and hearts can’t hold you back. A dream awakened.  A calling placed…..in the ground like a seed….in the heart of you.  Grown by God.  Now bearing fruit. And I am so […]

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In The Arms of My Lord, on Humbled Knees

Aging knees give no regard to hard wood floors. Blowing away dust of yesterday left to unfold….. Nestling into that place where whispers waver and the voice of thunder shouts out His name. And it is here. In this place…..that I finally let go. Here.  Alone. Where questions and reason float from my soul….. Making their […]

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