Would Jesus be Shopping?


We drive around for half an hour.  Looking for parking at an open air mall that calls us….because neighbors and friends continually keep asking….. Are you going shopping? The big day.  The big thing.  Buying more than needed. Caught up in the hurricane that roars in desperate silent pleadings…… “What you have is not enough.” And […]

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Finding Rest


Though there are a million things to do….I open the Word this morning and read……“The rest”…in Hebrews.   “Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall…..”   And, I think of how…..“The Rest” is the same as the, “Be Still”.   The knowing He is God that comes when we stop, take the time, make […]

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Is Jesus Who He Said He Was?


I woke up with a thought….. “Jesus professed to be God”.   And how no one….not Mohammed, or Buddha, or Gandhi, or Moses….. Ever said that they were in fact, Christ. And yet, Jesus professed…. He has been with God from the beginning of time. (John 17:5) And He was crucified because His claim didn’t change.  (John […]

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Thankful for Offense…..And Other Relative Issues.


We have been going along fine. One year after hosting a small group.  Something God told my husband to do…..a decade ago. But, I refused. Until, one night….I see an image of people filling our living room…..in a dream.  And I heard a voice from heaven say….. “Many will come in.  And many will go out […]

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