Following the “God Lead”


There was no way she could have known.  Coming home. There it was. A gift. A French Press…….and this.  Unheard of…. How did she know? I never told a soul…. Joan of Arc is someone I would have longed to know. A woman of strength. Conviction. Yet, humble beyond definition. How did she know?  Her quotes…next […]

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In His Presence


In His presence. Sweetness. Still surrender. Quiet fullness. Refreshment. Waiting. God heart showing. Taking nothing. Wanting no one. But Him. In His presence…. He is enough. And all the world could wash away….. And I wouldn’t care. Worries. Pain. Trials. Tribulations. Fade to nothing when gripped by…. His love. And love washes deep. In the quiet. […]

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When Words Become Weapons….And Healing


I hold out sign to Hardworking One.  Similar to the one daughter’s friend held out to her football game last. Asking…”Homecoming?” And she answered, “yes”….So I thought I would have a chance… Though words were thrown like daggers moments earlier. And heat escalates as flesh tries to rescue… Pride that had been lost.  And how beautiful […]

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Strained by The Waters of Life


Water rises in lives of uncertainty. And I see it… People clinging to anything… Everything they can find. Tangible things to keep them safe. Yet, water comes without restraint.  Washing away disposable things.  Accessing cracks of impurities, under doors slammed shut to the Lord and his ways. Breaking down walls. And how His grace…when it comes….does […]

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