A Desert:: The Perfect Place to Worship


We grab the end of summer by the reigns. Get away. Just us girls. A time to refresh. Reflect. See family. Be family. Away from it all.                        Dishes.                                     Chores.                                                    Home.                                                               Frustrations raveling around us like vines pulling us away… To something. Anything…..other than Christ. And my list of “need to do’s”….. A mile long.    Ignored. Happily. […]

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Opening Love and other Green Vegetables


My childhood home. Wisdom takes a seat with littlest one. Anticipating with wide eyes the stack before her. Natures delight waiting to do more than hang on limbs.  Exploding with color to the taste buds they cry. And the two sit at ancestors table. The one I hid peas under when I was so little….rebellious. Yet, […]

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Hiking Home


A chance to seize the day.  We strap on boots.  Take off on, Trail of Life. Not the easy road.Away from city.      Noise.           …Suffocating places that drown the voice of God. Head to wide open…..                Where He speaks through all creation. Even the trees beckon….                 As they reach with limbs of yearning. Calling through […]

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