Ponderings from the Pond: Faith


And I read this morning… Your faith must not be a passive faith. For as day’s progress, a spirit of apathy will prevail. And with hardships all around, we moan….But, “We just can’t believe.”  Yet, how many untrustworthy things do we have faith in? Man, who is proven fallible, we cling to…Yet, God who is perfect, we […]

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4 Qualifications of Character


We wake in anticipation of a well-planned day.  Organized. Well thought-out. Structured in the most methodical way. Church.  Then a visit to an Aunt, laying sick.  Weak. …about to see Jesus. But when we rise.  Husband sick…..Really sick.  Second time in twenty years sick. Plans derailed.   Kids and I venture out.  To church alone. And we […]

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What about the Fallen People?


Another one fell today.  I heard of her…a stranger with two names.              Felt unloved.                             Didn’t trust.                                               Slowly ducked out of, place of worship. I hear of him. A young one. Betrayed by those betrothed to.              From servant to drug seeker.                             A fallen one.                                               Fell due to, a broken preacher. I read of her.  The questioning one.              […]

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What Are My Motives?


I sit, fingers curled, floating over keyboard. Screen staring at me.  White with hope of words. Effortlessly, instinct calls me to dart off like a jet, streaming words before me…. ….Leaving trails of thoughts behind me.    But this time…..I want to stop.  First.  Examine my motives. Why am I writing?  Why do I take the time […]

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