Love Eternal Graduates!


Only five. Yet, what a life? If defeat was justified by trying times… We would just throw in the towel…not even try. Deaf in one ear at birth.  Told, in time…she may never hear. Exposed.  Delayed in speech & many other ways. Yet, not defeated.  Tricked by the enemies schemes. We are God’s children.  Made in […]

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Piercing Heaven – Beyond the line


Could it be?   There is a line, a line that can’t be seen.     Between here and eternity.         It divides the world and the heavenly realm.            A wall of glass…of sorts.                 To many…clouded. Prayer, worship, surrender…    Glass get’s clearer.         The Word opened wide…            Wiping away our hazy picture. Heavenly things…    Seen.  Not touched.       Truth of our purpose…      […]

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Made for the Mountain


Years ago, my mom suggested I read an author.  An old author.  From the 1800’s.  She said, “I just know you will love her.” For some reason, I was never able to locate any books by her.  And in time…although it crossed my mind, I forgot about this recommendation. A few days ago was my 40th […]

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Who does this?


I remember when I lived in the city.  Gun shots blasting.  Prostitutes walking. People honking. A life so foreign to now. ….Unsaved. Unchanged, by the power of His love..the truth of His Word. How?    How could I get from there to here?  …A country setting.  Pond. Fields. Horses. Homeschooling. Teaching. Loving. Learning.  Growing.  Family.  Friends. […]

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Rugged Beauty


You brought me flowers today.  With roughened hands…from labors years.  Once manicured. Tended.  Cared for. Now, living sacrifices of surrender… Love put not in words, but acts of service. Gifts of endearment. The hours of hands labor.  Early mornings before sun wakes and the world arises… Hands with worn away layers, callouses from life’s lament. Yet, […]

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