Exposed Babies Needing Hope


Foster Parents. Taking on the task…of caring for the weak, the young…the outcast.   Eight years now.  Babies mostly. Preemies.  Babies exposed to crack and meth amphetamines. A heartbreaking journey…at times. But also beautiful…..A place where God’s grace most definitely resides. His voice clear, along our journey.  It’s Him who picks each child that enters our family.   […]

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Symphany of Friends


Home Group.  A Symphony.  Starting weak and growing strong. The ensemble enters. The living room. Children play, yet watching the parade. Taking seats in their designated places.  To play, in harmony.  A perfect tune. The Conductor, prayed in. He is here. He instructs. He is truth. Trusting Him, we start. Each plays his/her part. Not a […]

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A Letter to my Son


My Son, What do I say?  You turn eighteen today. Grown…in every way.  From soft, baby skin & long, skinny feet, to a strapping man, now 6 foot 3. To write this, son, is bitter, sweet. You grabbed my heart before your birth.  Talking to you, playing classical music to you, and loving you long before […]

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Does the Battle Destroy the Warrior?


I have heard it said, “You can never kill another man without killing a piece of yourself”.    Is it true?  When we hurt another, maim another, destroy another, we are obliterating a piece of who we are? Christ came to give life and life abundantly. Yet, man destroys life?  Kills? Mains?  Not just with guns […]

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A Letter to my Daughter


Dear Daughter – What do I tell you..about life, love, happiness?  About letting go of the looking glass. About pain, the truth of pain.  Heartache.  That love doesn’t always look like it should. That in you resides a reservoir of strength. That your beauty is not in style, makeup, or dress.  Beauty rests deep in you. […]

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